Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Grand Finale

Good Morning Ev! Time to get up!
We spent one [really] long day and two short days at Magic Kingdom. I tried to keep the pictures to a minimum for you, but it was so much fun!

1. We got there before it opened the first day, and got to see this little show with Mickey and friends rollin' in on the train.
2. We also got to see this (wall to wall people)
3. We went straight to Dumbo and had only a fifteen minute wait.

4. And almost no wait to meet Ariel.

Speaking of Ariel... can somebody please tell me what she is doing to my little boy?

After hitting up most of the rides in Fantasyland and catching story time with Belle, we headed over to Tomorrowland.

1. Owen and Dad taking a spin on the Tomorrowland Speedway.
2. Passing Grandma and Grandpa!. Vroom vroom! (by the way, have I mentioned that Dave's Dad happened to have a conference in Orlando the week we were there? He was able to come to the parks with us most days, and his Mom came every day! I don't know how they didn't end up in pictures before now. I have plenty.)

3. Ace driver

4. Searching for Zurg is serious business!

5. "Git in jail Zewg!"

6. Owen used most of his money to invest in a Buzz Lightyear laser, or "laser poker" after experiencing the ride.

We hung out around Main Street for the afternoon parade, and then wandered over to Adventureland, Frontierland, and Liberty Square for a few more rides before the evening parade and fireworks.

1. Jumping rope on main street.

2. Watching the afternoon parade.

3. Shadow play.

4. Flying on a magic carpet with Grandma and Grandpa.

Our second day in the park we went straight to Mickey's Toontown Fair.

1. Owen patching a leak in Donald's boat.

2. The pumpkins in Mickey's garden. Grandma loved all his tomato plants!

3. Chillin' in Minnie's sun room. Check out the "palm tree" in the corner.

After lunch in Cinderella's Castle, we rode on her carousel before going back to the hotel for a swim.

We didn't have a stroller on our last day in the park, so we just took it easy. We let the kids each pick something they wanted to do again, and had time to check out the last few attractions that we hadn't had time for on the other days.

1. Riding Goofy's Barnstormer. Check out that face.

2. Trying to get the kids to pose in front of Mickey's House.

3. Playing in Pooh's Thoughtful Spot.

4. Evie got to be the guest conductor on the Walt Disney World Railroad. She loved saying "All aboard" and "All clear!"

Good-bye Disney World!

Magic Kingdom Favorites:
Dave: Space Mountain (on an evening without kids, thanks to his parents).
Me:...I don't think I could decide. It's so much like Disneyland, and I love Disneyland. I just loved being there with my family! I've been "planning" this trip since we moved to Maryland, and it was amazing!
Evelynn: Goofy's Barnstormer (this is notable, because the first time she rode it, she was almost crying when it was over, but on the last day, when she got to pick something to do again, she overcame her fear and chose this pint size roller coaster. yay evie!).
Owen: Splash Mountain! (He also loved Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin).

And that's it. That's a little peek into our trip. It was so fun! Before the trip we hadn't planned on ever going back, but now we're rethinking the possibility. Of course, it was expensive, and it was all Disney all the time (and we didn't even stay in a Disney hotel), so it will be a long while... but I'm just saying it was that fun!


Heatherlyn said...

That's a great rundown. Some of your pictures are so excellent. It looks like you had a blast!

Cal said...

PS. I think you are officially NOT the "Eastern Schorr" anymore.

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