Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pump Up the Jam!

After our Schorr Family Fitness Fun, I thought we needed a reward. Besides, I had been holding it out there like a carrot on a stick for the kids, so it had to be good. And with the focus on healthy living, it couldn't really be something like ice cream. We decided a good healthy treat, would be some good healthy exercise, and went to check out open play at Pump It Up, the "inflatable party zone". You've probably seen places like it around - giant carpeted warehouse with huge blow up rooms, obstacle courses, slides, etc. In fact, we took the kids to a similar place a couple of years ago, but I don't think they really remembered (this made it that much more special, right?).

Evie jumped right in, making friends and climbing all over the place.

It took Owen a little bit to warm up, but it wasn't long before he had worked up a good sweat.

The sliding is the best part. Well, the jumping is pretty fun, too. Okay, and the climbing.

This is the closest thing I got to a picture of Dave playing (can you see him up there watching Owen go down?), although I think he had at least as much fun as the kids, if not more. They encourage the parents to play along with the kids, so we all came home exhausted, with sore legs, and laughing.
So, if you ever need a "healthy treat" (or a novel place to wear out the kids), look for an inflatable party place near you.
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Hizzeather said...

I'm mad jealous! Awesome!

necia said...

We love those places!!