Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The Salt Lake LDS Temple is definitely one of my favorites. I love to go hang out at temple square when I'm in town. No one usually likes to go hang out with me when they have a choice, but fortunately for me, I have two littles that don't have much of a choice, so I dragged them along with me while we were in town this summer.
Name this place!
When I was a kid, I took a trip (or two, or maybe three... it all blends together now) to Utah with my family. A couple of memories branded into my memory are a picture of my brothers and me here at this cabin and one of us at the This Is The Place Monument. I guess we were my Mom's captive tour companions too. I hope we were as good as Evie and Owen though. They were great!
This summer, I had heard about a children's exhibit at the Church History Museum, so that was our first stop, and let me tell you: it was great!

Dress up! What kid doesn't love that?!

Owen giving a gift to baby Jesus. What a wise boy! (haha)

"Stained glass" puzzle pieces.

There is a whole "hospital nursery" section with babies, clothes, scales, rocking chairs, birth certificates....

Even Owen loved taking care of the babies. First the diaper...

then a little cuddling.

Cute little blocks shaped like different parts of the temple. My kids pretty much just made towers, but one dad that came through sat down and built an actual temple.

Little magnet toys.

CTR rubbings in tons of different languages. Evie is showing off the English and Chinese ones that she made.

This is a little matching section where you try to match up all the labels.

It was a fun exhibit and I totally recommend it. The Church History Museum website has a little information on it, and as of right now, says that it will run through January of 2009. So, go check it out.

Next stop, taking pictures around the temple.

Hyrum Smith is an ancestor of mine, so my Mom took a picture of us at this statue. I thought I would share the love with my kids.

Beautiful building, beautiful kids. Awww...

After taking pictures we made our way over to one of the Temple Square Summer Concerts in the Park. It was supposed to be held in the Brigham Young Historic Park, but because it had rained earlier in the day, they moved it to the Tabernacle, which was great for acoustics, but not so great for my littles. They had fun dancing along with the first few 50's and 60's a capella songs, but eventually I was afraid they would get more attention than the stage, so we snuck out and headed home. I really enjoyed the evening. Hopefully these pictures will be good memories for my captive travel companions.

P.S. I realize this post might win the "most links ever" award, but I just want you to be informed, okay? Is that bad?


adventure knitter said...

Man! I wish we had gone to visit that exhibition while we were in town! SAC! If I had seen these pics when I was still in Utah, I totally would have dropped everything and gone.

Anonymous said...

Looks like good times. We'll have to head up there.

Hizzeather said...

I love links...saves me the trouble of googling.

Dang, too bad I won't have kids by Jan 2009. That place looks cool!

Anonymous said...

Um...I think you got the "hang out at Temple Square" thing from of my favorite places to go, too. I think we could fill a whole scrapbook with pics of SL Temple Square. And, uh...Hyrum Smith is your 6th great grandfather:)I'd leave my name, but I don't remember my password =0/