Friday, September 19, 2008

Crazy Weather

About a month ago... actually I have no idea how long ago it was, but rest assured it was in the dead of summer, in the middle of the day, some clouds blew in and immediately started pelting our world with hail. I opened my door to take some pictures and about five minutes later... okay, maybe ten, it all halted. And then the clouds just continued on their merry way, going to let some other little town know that that summer sun was not to be taken for granted! so we grabbed some popsicles and went outside to play.

(Evie's hand for reference)

Check out the size of that thing!

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Hizzeather said...

Hail yes! :)


The Bradley's said...

I took pictures too because I knew no one would believe me that it was sunny, then hailing, then sunny. Psycho!