Monday, June 02, 2008


Me: "Evie, when you hurt someone, you should say sorry. Not laugh. It's not funny to hurt people."
Evie: "But, how did you know I was laughing quietly?"
Me: "Because I'm the Mom. And Mom's know everything."
Evie: "No they don't"
Me: "Yes they do."
Evie: "No they don't."
Me: "Yes, they do. Why don't you test me and ask me something to see if I know it?"
Evie: "Okay. Did you know that Heavenly Father lives in a cloud, did you?"
(translation: You don't know if Heavenly father lives in a cloud, do you?)
Me: trying not to spit out the drink of water I just took
Grandma Rowe: "Zing."

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adventure knitter said...

way to put your mom in her place Evie!