Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some Kind of Blossoms

We went down to Washington DC a couple of weeks ago for "Kite Day" (aka: Smithsonian Kite Festival), which coincided with the opening day of the National Cherry Blossom Festival and happened to be the peak day for the cherry blossoms this year. Somebody told me about Kite Day, and that somebody didn't happen to mention these other things, so we were completely unprepared for the masses of people. More people than I have ever seen. Just walking around a city. It's not like it was Disneyland or something. It's just a city. I've never seen so many people just wandering around. It was crazy. I was also unprepared for all the blossoms. They were beautiful! And I'm pretty sure there were other blossoms too, besides cherry, but since I technically don't know what cherry blossoms are supposed to look like, I won't go into it.
It was really beautiful, and the kites were really cool too. Definitely go next year, and take a kite! But make sure you plan on going for the whole day. Get there early. And take the metro, or at least plan on driving around for a while looking for a spot... and maybe plan on getting into a small altercation over a spot. I mean, it's not guaranteed to happen. I'm just saying it's possible.
I think these blossoms were cherry. They were the ones all around the tidal basin. And this was pretty much the only shot I have without strangers in it.

This was a totally different kind of blossom.

Very hard to photograph.

And we've lost it.

Since this one wasn't cooperating, we brought in some support.

Much better performance.
Oh, and don't pick the blossoms.


adventure knitter said...

totally cute photos! i love it!

Starley Family said...

Sjauna I love the one of Evie's cheesy pose! It's adorable (the one labeled Really).