Sunday, February 10, 2008

Owen's Day Off

Now that Evie has school, Owen and I get three two hour breaks a week to spend doing whatever we want. It's been really great to get to know him a little better. Actually, he has changed. Maybe he's just getting older, but I like to think that he's getting some undivided attention, and that is making him a happier boy. We usually spend a little time on working on letters and pronunciation, and then we read some books. I have a thought in the back of my mind that says I will get more creative with our free time before it runs out in May, but I usually don't find that thought until after Evie leaves for school. The other day, our stars aligned, and it was warm (well, warmER) and not raining (although still super cloudy) at the same time that Evie was at school, so we set out for a walk (one of these days I will take my kids for a walk in the rain, but not when it's freezing outside). I meant to avoid the playground on the walk, because I thought it would be all soggy and wet, but I decided to let Owen lead the walk, and surprisingly, the two and a half year old knows the way straight there. Crazy, I know. But it was dry, so we played. I've been a little worried that the balance of photos in our family is leaning heavily towards Evelynn, so I brought my camera along on the outing. And now, you get to enjoy them. (And I know this is more photos than I normally like to put in a post, but just know that I probably left at least twenty out.)
Oh and a little explanation on this first photo - we recently inherited a set of snow boots and gloves that are just barely too big for Evie. Does that stop either of the kids from wearing them? Of course, not. They assisted Owen in taking a tumble down the stairs the other day, arms and legs flailing everywhere.


Amelia said...

wow! you were right...ALL of those pictures are sooo cute! Seriously, we need to steer Owen and Mia together later on in life...he's such a cutie!

Robinson Duo said...

Look at those golden locks. And Evie too. She looks so sophisticated with her long hair.