Sunday, February 10, 2008

Evie's School

Evie's theme at school this year is "Under The Sea" or something beachy or something - I can never rememeber exactly. Anyway, I found these cute valentine's from Family Fun to make. I cut out most of the hearts (Evie is really handy with a pair of scissors for a four year old), and then Evelynn glued them all together and added the eyes. Later I drew a little smile, taped some yummy candy on the back, and wrote, "I'm glad you are in my school!" (haha, get it, because fish swim in schools, and they are for the kids in Evie's school). It was so much fun! (And I literally went through four bags of KitKats trying to make them - I kept eating them and having to buy more, and then eating those ones. I never even liked KitKats before, so what is the deal with that?!)
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Kristen said...

Those are really cute. Good work!

The Bradley's said...

Those are too cute! And the Kit-Kats...well, I can't say anythings about that.

necia said...

You are better than me. I bought Colin's valentine's!