Sunday, November 18, 2007

Seventy Four Degrees And Rising

SO!!! Guess what my sweet husband came across after reading my "Seventy Four Degrees" post. This:
"When winter comes, humidity decreases and makes the indoor air feel drier than usual. While the indoor temperature as read from a thermometer may be 75 F, the apparent temperature (what it feels like) may be warmer or colder depending upon the moisture content of the air. Because of evaporation, the human body cools when exposed to dry air, and the sense of coldness increases as the humidity decreases. With a room temperature of 70 F, for example, a person will feel colder in a dry room than in a moist room. A relative humidity of 20% is common for buildings without a humidifier during the winter in the northern United States."
So, what is my solution? Buy a humidifier! Drink more water! Well, not really. Normally I just turn the heater up a few degrees for a little while.


Clint & Emily said...

Aha! This bit of information is new to me, too. I too will remedy this by turning up the heat a few degrees...and possibly buy a humidifier next year.

Starley Family said...

I have one of those humdity readers on my thermometer for Katelyn's room and believe me with the humidifier off, the percentage is still around 40%. I usually have to take it up to 60% to stop Katelyn's bloody noses and cracked lips (an hour of the humidifier once a week).

The Bradley's said...

Don't you hate it when you ask a question and your husband answers it with SCIENCE!?!?!? Dorks.