Thursday, November 01, 2007

October Autobahn

I'm not sure if it's because the weather hasn't decided to feel like fall yet or what, but I have had a hard time getting ready for the changing seasons and the ever more quickly approaching "holidays". And thankfully Halloween isn't usually lumped in with "holidays" or I would have totally missed the party. I was half ready, but I never made it quite there. I did get the kids Halloween costumes way back in September, but they needed a couple of finishing touches that didn't ever happen (and apparently weren't missed). So, because of my tardiness, October has sped by like an Audi on the Autobahn, and we had to hurry and squeeze a month of festivities into the very end of it. Here are some pictures from our high speed Halloween.

A quick trip to the pumpkin patch to pick through the leftovers. In the past we've gone to Baugher's on a Saturday morning, but by the time we got around to going, there weren't any weekends left before Halloween, so we went to Larriland after Dave got home from work on Monday. There wasn't a hay ride or pony rides, and I wasn't crazy about the lighting for pictures, but we all had fun, and all came home with a pumpkin.

Evie wanted a green one to see if it would turn orange at our house. Owen followed suit. They both got pumpkins they could carry out (that's the rule).
After we paid for our pumpkins, we picked up some craft supplies, made a pit stop for dinner, and then came home and (thanks to Family Fun) decoupaged our pumpkins. I love lit jack-o-lanterns, so I usually don't mind carving them, but the kids have been begging to paint them and we were short on time (plus I had never decoupaged before), so I thought it would be fun to try it. The kids got to "paint" on the mod podge, and everyone stayed clean. Nice. If we do this again next year, I think we will definitely get some cuter tissue paper, and maybe experiment with different designs. It's definitely a cute idea, but our results were, well... see for yourself...
Apparently the rest of this story will be continued in another post, because I can't get it to upload any more photos to this one right now. See you in a minute.

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