Thursday, November 01, 2007

October Autobahn Continued

So, as I was saying...

Wednesday, Evie wore her costume to school and got lots of treats from various staff and administrators, I took the kids out to take pictures of them in their costumes (coming soon), we had pumpkin waffles with peach butter and raspberry sauce for dinner (thanks again to Family Fun for the delicious recipe and to Cher for the idea - we had them with fresh peaches this summer and they were YUMM-MEE!), and then we went trick-or-treating! Yay!
AND, that's not all... After trick or treating Evie wanted to hand out candy, and we wanted to experiment with a let-the-kids-eat-all-the-candy-they-want-tonight-and-then-throw-it-all-away-tomorrow thing, so we threw out a sheet and turned on a movie. It didn't work so great. The kids just couldn't eat that much candy. I don't know if it's because we don't give them candy enough, so they feel like they have to make it last... no that's not it. They must have just been distracted by the movie - one of Dave's favorite's, The Court Jester... no that couldn't be it. I don't know why, but they just didn't eat much, so we felt bad throwing it away today. Anyway... Happy Halloween!
Evie with her loot from the trunk-or-treat at church and trick-or-treating at school and around here (minus all the too hard, too chewy, too messy things we extracted).


Twinkies said...

Very adorable kids and costumes! Pete LOVES candy, so if you are looking to get rid of candy, he is always willing to take it off of your hands ;). So. . . . when can you guys come visit?

Our Favorite Toys said...

I LOVE your blog. The pics you took are so cute, I wish we had gotten in on the action. That probably wouldn't have worked though because getting the kids in their costumes once was hard enough! :)