Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Spy

My Mom and James came into town this week and we had one day to do something "cool" (for James) before we all headed up to New Jersey to pick up Andrew. We went to the International Spy Museum where I assumed the identity of Gretta Schmidt, a 33 year old astronomer (hey, it's believable - except for maybe my British accent). Then, after lunch at ESPN Zone (Which by the way, I have never seen so many tvs in my life! In the bathroom?! Come on people! It was cool though. We even had a tv on our table with surround sound in case there wasn't something we wanted to watch on the other 20 tvs in front of us) we toured the set from National Treasure, also known as the National Archives, and then went for a twilight walk along the mall to check out a couple of monuments. It was a really nice day. And then we drove to New Jersey. (haha, just kidding - New Jersey was nice too)
The little spy in the pink is Dimitri.
Evie's "mad face" (and I'm sure James would appreciate me mentioning that he is wearing an ankle brace, not a black sock).

World War II Memorial

The Price of Freedom

Grandma and the kids

Lincoln Memorial

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Jayne said...

National Treasure set, genious! AJ and I got a laugh out of that one. We've wanted to go to the spy museum so thanks for the positive review.