Sunday, October 21, 2007

Don't Climb On That!

Okay, two things.
First, for some linguistic reason, Evelynn pronounces the word "hotel" as "hoTAYul". She must have some internal cuteness radar that tells her that southern accents are way better than say... stapping at the stap sign while go-een to get some Baldmer Oreo tickets... for example.
Second, what happens when you give a two year old a balloon in a hoTAYul room with vaulted ceilings? You have to climb on the refrigerator to get it, of course! Everyone knows that!

Owens "bed". Don't worry, we didn't make him sleep there, but he did take his pillow and blanket in to get comfy. What a little munchkin.
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Twinkies said...

Nice hotel. Where are you guys?

Starley Family said...

It's so fun to see all your updates. Crazy fun moments with the kids. I especially love your cake skills. Way to go. I resorted to the store bought for her first (it was free). Thanks for the warning about the pony ride place. Evie did look delighted though. Dimitri might need a change in Alias now that it is posted in blogworld. Ah well. She's famous. Hope you have a great time in NJ. Stace

Lisa said...

Oh the balloons! It's a good thing Dave is tall to be able to reach the balloon! Tucker saw a balloon float away in the sky once and cried and cried over it. Then for about the next week, whenever we went outside he would point to the sky and say "bawoon, bawoon".