Thursday, September 06, 2007

P-day... and YAY!(caution: material may be considered inaPProPriate)

for most of the PeoPle i know, "P-day" would usually refer to some sort of "PreParation day". well, let me add new meaning to this word. we went for a Playdate at mcdonalds today. the kids were having great fun Playing when i was informed that evie had... how should i say this... had an "accident" on the slide (P1). so, i grabbed my kids and an emPloyee who was "in charge" of keePing the "dining room" clean, which I suPPose included the PlayPlace. she was obviously not the size or shaPe to be climbing around in there (ha, like i am), so i offered, and she generously Provided me with some PaPertowels and some blue stuff that smelled like windex. i climbed in the tubular structure and scaled the little blue net thing as lightly as i could, imagining myself falling through at any moment and being stuck there, and went to clean anything on the slide that began with P (and just to Provide a little Peace of mind for mcdonald's moms - it was surPrisingly clean and not stinky uP there). there wasn't much to clean uP, and i figured out in a minute that it was because owen had gone down the slide after evie to soak uP what she had left behind (P2) (at least it was owen and not a stranger - i was already mortified enough, but strangely it wasn't as embarrassing as i would have imagined). i hadn't brought a change of clothes for either of my kids, so we hoPPed in the carseats wet clothes and all. when we got home, there was a Package on the doorsteP with evie's Pony books that we had mailed from hawaii. YAY! so, we brought everything in (carseats included), evie was instructed to head uPstairs and PrePare for cleanup, while i got started cleaning owen. as soon as i got his diaPer off, he decided it was Perfect timing for his "accident" (P3). i stoPPed him and rushed him to the bathroom where he went Potty in the big Potty (P4)! YAY! after the clean uP, we turned on Peter Pan to watch some Pirates for quiet time. when i was younger, i went to girl's camP with my cousin and we had a "cit", or counselor- in-training who laughed so hard one time, that she Peed her Pants. her counselor name the next year was Sweet Pea. I think maybe evie will get a new nickname. oh, and dave Passed his test! YAY!!! maybe we'll have Peas for dinner.


Anonymous said...

I already said congrats on facebook, but I thought I'd say it again here! Yay for Dave!

Jayne said...

I am laughing so hard I am having contractions. Probably pretty embarrassing, but I think you did the right thing. I hope everyone cleans up after their kids. I climbed up in the Play Place a few month ago and found a half eaten happy meal. Kind of gross. Not to mention the fact that I wasn't sure I would ever find my way out. I had to ask a kid which way to go to rescue me and Jeff. I have avoided McDonald's and other play places because I wouldn't dare climb in one hugely pregnant.

Starley Family said...

That's so funny. I too have scaled the playhouse but not on such an adventure as you. I was trying to coerce Katelyn into going down the slides. Which translates to mom come down with me. I found things clean also. Not too bad all in all. Congrats to Dave on his test!