Sunday, September 09, 2007

Our State Fair is the Best State Fair

Well, it's okay. It's probably just average actually. And it's probably fine if you're late or even if you miss it.

Here's what usually happens when Dave has a day off from work.
  • Weeks before said day off: Me:"What are we going to do for ________ Day?"
  • The week before said day off: Me:"Oh yeah, what are we going to do on Monday?" Dave: "What's Monday?" Me: "_________ Day." Dave: "Oh yeah."
  • The day before said day off: Me: "What are we going to do tomorrow?
  • The day off: Dave gets up with the kids, I sleep in, we take time getting dressed because we don't have plans, we hang around the house cleaning up a little, playing around on the computer, reading. Then around 10:30: Dave: "So, what are we going to do today?" Me: "Well, we really can't do anything, because lunch is in an hour, and then it's nap time."
  • Then after naps, we go to the mall to wander around and not buy anything, but at least feel like we did something on said day off.
We decided to do something a little different on Labor Day this year. We planned an activity and got up early and went! Do you believe it? We went to the fair and saw... (deep breath)... billions of animals (that the kids were disappointed they couldn't pet), art, quilts, baked goods, weird crafts (like giant paper mache sculptures - hey, I guess if you can think it up, you should be able to enter it in a contest and win something for it, even if it's just a blue ribbon), a midway, rides, and lots of sausages, funnel cakes, and fresh squeezed lemonade - all the run of the mill fair sights. Then we went home and slept. It was fun - expensive, but fun. Like, for example, we planned on going on the ferris wheel, but when we saw that it would cost $20 for our family, we chose a slightly less appealing dragon ride.

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Amelia said...

I entered many things in my county fair when I was little and I even won quite a few blue ribbons. But I've been so many times that the smell of a fair makes me sick.