Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Proposal

A little while ago, we took a little evening stroll down to the lagoons, and decided to pick our way through some rocks and around some tide pools over to what we call the "little hidden cove", enjoying the sunset on the way. Dave and Owen had climbed to the sand, and Evie and I were stopping here and there for some photos and discoveries. As we came across some rocks, and went to make our way around a couple that was getting ready to leave, the guy knelt down, pulled a small box out of his pocket, and almost whispered, "Will you marry me?" The moment he knelt down, I realized we were in the middle of "their moment", so I grabbed Evie and quick stepped it around them, meaning to get away, but the photographer in me just wouldn't let it happen. Once I got Evie to safety, I snapped a few pictures.

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Baldwin Family said...

So cute! Did you get their information to send them the pictures?

Sjauna said...

Of course! I felt weird asking, but hopefully they'll be happy to have them.