Friday, June 15, 2007

Our New Neighbor

This is Gus. He is our new neighbor. It's been a few months since I first saw Gus sunning himself out on the curb near some grass and a small wooded area. Then a couple weeks ago he was out here in the middle of the street. Some other neighbor ladies were "doing their duty", I suppose, in "taking care of it". One of them tried to pick him (or her) up and almost had her arm taken off. Apparently there is a really long neck hiding in that boulder of a shell and some big fangs in the clenched lips (?). The ladies were worried that Gus would get run over, so they were trying to move him. I offered to call the local nature preserve, and they shooed me away, preferring instead to call 911. Mhhhh. I guess that's cool. I mean, what else does 911 have to do on a Saturday morning than move snapping turtles around to the wrong places? (They moved him across the street to a big drainage ditch thing that we have instead of back to the woods where he lives.)
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Natalie said...

I love that you named him Gus. We were unoriginal and named him Snappy, since he tried to take my arm off too, just before those ladies called our heroic police officers.