Monday, May 28, 2007

Surfer Girl

We got back from California just in time for Evie's dance recital. She is such a performer. She has zero stage fright. I'm so glad that she has been able to take dance classes and have opportunities like this.
The theme of the recital was "Dancing on the Job", and the girls in Evie's class were "lifeguards". It's surprising to compare these pictures (however blurry they may be) to the pictures from her dance showcase in the fall. All the girls have changed so much.

This was their ballet dance to "Surfer Girl". Evie is all the way to the right. She always watches her friend, Aiden.

And this is Evie (on the right) shuffle-stepping away to "Beach Baby" by I have no idea, I've never heard the song.

She came running out at the end holding this trophy saying, "Mom, I won! I won!" How did she know that a trophy meant that you win? I have no idea. And we also got her some flowers, which became a week long science lesson as they sat in a vase on our table and "drank the water".

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