Monday, May 28, 2007

Golden League Champion!!!

I have to admit, I never really cared much about watching a track meet. Even in the Olympics, I have always felt that watching running was sort of dull. Not anymore. I don't know if it's because it was the first track meet I've actually watched live, or if it's because my little brother is a really good runner, but it was intense (well, at least whenever they passed, and especially towards the finish line). I happened to be in town when my youngest brother James was competing in the League track meet (that's all the local schools), so I was excited to go support him, and by the way, he is an amazing runner! He is actually a distance runner, so he does cross country, too, but in track his event is the 3200 meter (or two mile). He kicked some trash out there. He ran two miles - that is eight laps - in less than ten minutes!! It takes me ten minutes to get my shoes on, and he's already done more than my entire workout!!! That's crazy!
Anyway, it's his senior year, and he overcame a blown disc in his back (I think), hypoglycemia, and epilepsy to run this amazing race and finish way in first - way in first. He is the 2007 Golden League Champ for the two mile run! Hooray James!
Here is a link to a really good article the local newspaper wrote about him. (By the way, it mentions that his goal for CIF (sectional?) prelims the following week, was to run the two miles in 9:45, and he ran it in 9:40!) Okay, I think the link is expired, but it was a great story. For now, my story will have to suffice.

There he is on the left, laughing all the way to the bank. He is so funny. How many people do you know who can run two miles in ten minutes, and laugh on the way? Who knows what he is laughing at. He has told me before that the other guys get mad at him during training sometimes, because he will be joking around while they are all running.

Crossing the finish line - Number One!!!
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