Monday, May 28, 2007

The Case of The Mixed Up Holidays

Since we live so far away from our family, and we sometimes get visits from or go to visit said family, we usually take advantage of those visits by changing the dates of any holidays that may normally occur within two weeks or so of said visit to something much more convenient, and we celebrate together! Hopefully our kids will learn that holidays are about family (or maybe Evelynn will learn that family is about her, since last year we celebrated her birthday three times).
This Easter was just such an occasion. Dave happened to be out of town on Easter, and when he came back we were in California with my Mom and Greg, so they postponed their Easter and had it with/for us. When the kids and I got back from picking Dave up at the airport, there were Easter baskets (adorable Easter baskets) and eggs "hidden" throughout the house. The kids were so excited.

Look at that adorable Tonka Easter basket! Owen loves trucks!
He was really excited about his dinosaur magna doodle too. He has gotten so into dinosaurs lately. I have no idea. In the fabric store, he would find every material with dinosaurs and repeat (loudly) "shy-shore" until I acknowledged it, "yes, dinosaur."

Make haste! There are eggs to be found!
Evie was so ecstatic she didn't know what to do with herself. She was beyond all reason, running her cute little run, elbows bent high, all around picking up all the eggs (which, thankfully had little toys and play-dough in them instead of candy - good job Mom and Greg).

I loved these little Mr. Potato Head Easter Bunnies. The kids have had a lot of fun with them too. Too bad they are not small enough to fit in a Sunday bag.

We had to sneak some of Evie's booty and re-hide it by the time Owen had gone through all his stuff and was ready to go searching (Evie did the hunting and then looked through her My Little Pony basket).
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