Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Cause Worth Supporting

My very favorite cereal is this cranberry macadamia nut stuff they have at Costco. I couldn't remember a few weeks ago who made it, and I wasn't even sure if it was still available. The last time I had it was probably at least four years ago. Anyway, we were doing a quick Costco shopping trip with our newly reinstated membership before Dave left town, and low and behold, we ran across my favorite cereal! It's made now by Kirkland (the Costco brand - not to be confused with KirTland, Ohio) and a partnership with Newman's Own. Whatever. I splurged (since Dave was leaving) and picked up a box. YUM!! Not to mention is the cereal delicious, but as I was eating it one fine spring morning, I happened to skim the box, and read that not some, but all of Newman's Own profits go to... dun dun dun... Paul Newman!! Imagine that! Actually, I read that all of their profits go to support charities, and most specifically to a group of camps that Paul Newman founded for children with a serious illness called "hole in the wall camps" (these look really cool). I looked into it a little and discovered that yes, Paul Newman is an actor - the same Paul Newman who played Butch Cassidy and Cool Hand Luke and yes, Paul Newman also started Newman's Own line of salad dressing (which has apparently branched out into cereal and some other random things like lemonade). All profits do go directly to Paul Newman, but then according to all advertising, he donates 100% of it to charities. SO, I'm not saying anything about Paul Newman as a person, because I know nothing about him, BUT I will say that his cranberry macadamia nut cereal is delicious (and so is his "Lighten Up Raspberry and Walnut" dressing - delicious!), and his packaging more entertaining than most (and when I say entertaining, I mean humorous), AND you don't have to feel so guilty spending the extra money on it, if you are the type of person to do that - feel guilty, I mean. Go out and buy it today (and buy me a box too).

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Ewww, Yum! I'll have to try it!