Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wicked Wicked (adjective noun)

Silly me, when I was updating our blog on Sunday, I forgot to include this, because I didn't have a picture of it! Then, it took a couple of days to get to it, because I wanted to make sure I gave it the attention that it deserved....
Wicked is fantastical! It is amazataining!
The story was original and unpredictable. It was clever and very funny. The songs were great and the voices extremely impressive - extremely - which gave me a new appreciation for the soundtrack (I have to admit I didn't really like it before I saw the story and heard it live. Some of the songs are confusing if you don't know what they're about). There were so many "lessons", we couldn't figure out which was the true "moral of the story". To compare it to some of the classics, like Phantom and Les Mis... I would say... it's a little more modern, but I probably liked it just as well. It's just amazing in theater productions how nothing stops moving - everyone you look at at any time, any part of the scenery at every point in the production is dancing, singing, acting, moving. I sometimes get frustrated that no matter what I am watching, I am missing something, but I love the complete immersion into the story. I just love theater. And Wicked was great!


Lisa said...

Lisa and I finally went to see it Tuesday night. We didn't want to be the only Mormon couple out here to miss out on Wicked. It was great like you said. Elphaba had an amazing voice that really hammered home in the Hippodrome. She was easily the best in that production. PS-tell Dave whenever he needs a skinny, pasty white player to fill in that I'll be that man!

AJ said...

It is official, Wicked has permeated every facet of the Maryland LDS community. Glad you enjoyed it.