Sunday, February 18, 2007


We were at Ikea a couple of weeks ago, and although we avoid Ikea and take extra precautions when we go for this specific reason, we made an impulse purchase. We bought a little tent for the kids to play in. Well, let me tell you, they have appreciated that little impulse purchase more than you know... more than the Ikea designers probably know, because not only have they used it as a tent, but they have turned it into a hamster ball. I remember at one time - I don't know if it was the "classroom pet" or a hamster we actually owned, but we put it in a little clear plastic ball and it just ran all over the house. So my kids have turned into little hamsters, and to mix it up a little, they've added random toys, pots, pans, rolling pins, etc. to the tent, and just roll it all over the place. It's pretty funny.

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Sarah said...

That's SO funny! We bought Will that same tent (gotta love Ikea) and he does that exact same thing. I guess great minds really do think alike!