Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mr. Fix-It

Sometime back in December, we ran over the cord for charging our portable DVD player and broke it (it's complicated). Well, we still had the car adaptor cord, so we've still been able to use it as long as it is plugged in to the car, which is where we use it most of the time anyway. We just can't charge the battery. This fact was not a concern to us, until we realized that I would not be able to use the DVD player when I fly alone with the two kids in a couple of months. Yeah right, like I'm going to get through a five hour flight with my two kids, by myself, without a movie. Ha! So, the other night, Dave fixed it for us. We plugged it in all night and I turned on Robots on the counter the next day to see if it held the charge. Well, after Owen's nap, he found the movie playing on the counter, and this is what he did for the next half hour until I got him a chair...Then he sat in the chair and finished the movie. I guess I'll make sure to bring Robots on the flight.
So, isn't Dave amazing? He also fixed the lock on our car door that wouldn't lock, that was supposed to cost us $50 to fix. Let's see, what else?... oh, just everything.

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