Sunday, February 11, 2007

Factory Girl

Evie preparing for her "factory experience".
She got to push a button to fill a little container with kisses, close it up, and put it on the conveyor belt.
Evie waiting patiently for the trolley ride to start. Actually, it was called a "trolley ride", and it looked like a trolley, but Evie wasn't fooled. She kept correcting me, "It's a bus, Mom."
Later in the week, Dave held a chocolate tasting for all of the new flavors we got at the Hershey gift shop. My favorite was probably the new Reese's Cruchy candy bar (I don't remember the exact name, but I think it's one they are/are going to be releasing to the public soon - or at least they should. It was good! Like a softer butter finger with some peanut butter, and little bits of crunchy peanuts in the chocolate coating.). We also tried dark chocolate orange flavored kisses, cherry codial kisses, an extra dark chocolate bar ("extra healthy" with extra anti-oxidants I guess, but still with all the fat and sugar, so I'm not sure), a milk chocolate bar filled with english toffee, and a regular hershey bar. Yum! We got some of their Good Night hot chocolate too - 99.9% caffeine free for a good night's rest. It was good, but I like Swiss Miss better.
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