Monday, December 25, 2006

We Give Thanks

We give thanks for boundless blessings. Boundless. It's the only way I can begin to describe how thankful I am to family, friends, strangers, and most of all my Heavenly Father who gives all of that to me and more. So much more.
We took a short one day break from car shopping, by force, to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. We probably would have been out looking for cars, or searching the internet, or making phone call after fruitless phone call, if the rest of the world (or at least the greater Baltimore area) didn't want to enjoy their Thanksgiving day. Selfish of them, I know. :) We did, in fact, partcipate in one phone call regarding an auto sale, but other than that, we tried not to worry about it. With no time for long-prep traditional foods, we made only what we could prepare and cook in one day, which meant no orange rolls and no slush, but we did have a turkey (our first cooked a la me and Dave), stuffing, potatoes, yams, salad, mmhhh and cranberries - that was Evie's favorite (although she would never admit it now). We spent all morning in the kitchen together, but pulled the meal off before nap time, which meant more time in the kitchen later for chocolate cream and cherry pies. Yay! It was a nice Thanksgiving. I should mention that we were invited to Thanksgiving by wonderful, thoughtful friends, and we are very, very grateful for their generosity, but we opted to spend the time just with our family. With callings, work, errands, and the other things that keep us busy, it seems like we don't get much time to spend together as a family just relaxing and getting to know each other, so we used Thanksgiving as an opportunity to do just that. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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