Monday, December 25, 2006

The Night Before Christmas

We have been trying to remember to have traditions in our family, especially at Christmas time. One of the traditions we had in my family was to act out the nativity. We have been able to do that the last couple of years thanks to our friends who have gathered a few families with young children for cookies, cocoa, and carols. Last night Evelynn got to be a shepherd (complete with a candy cane), and Owen got to be an observer. We also came home to some new pajamas wrapped under the tree (well, new for Dave and Evie - Owen's were hand-me-downs, and mine were a couple of years old). We read Twas the Night Before Christmas before bed, and... oh! we had slush with dinner (which was the untraditional, but very simple lasagna). Slush is one of Dave's family traditions, and the store was actually out of a couple of the ingredients, but we substituted, and made do, so we could have slush! Yay! It's really yummy, here's the recipe:
Slush (well, at least that's what we call it)
5 bananas
2 -12 oz cans frozen orange juice concentrate and water called for
2 - 12oz cans frozen lemonade concentrate and water called for
46 oz pineapple juice
4 - 2 liter bottles of sprite and/or cranberry juice
Here's how I do it: Make orange juice and lemonade. Blend bananas with some of the juice. Mix everything together in a clean milk, juice or other freezer safe container, leaving room for juice to expand (this will require some math, unless you have some huge thing to mix it all together in and a funnel for pouring). Freeze overnight.
When you are ready to serve: Remove slush from freezer one hour before serving (this is to make it scoopable, you can use it straight from the freezer, but you have to do some digging). Cut off the top of the container (this is why milk or juice containers are good). Fill a glass halfway with frozen slush. Pour sprite or cranberry juice over the slush. Enjoy!
*We halved the recipe and it made a whole gallon milk container plus more.
*The store was out of frozen lemonade and pineapple juice, so we used bottled lemonade and grapefruit tangerine juice.

I realize it looks painful, but that is Owen's smile. :)
Well, his camera smile at least.

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oh my dear sister this face is hilarious!!!!!!