Sunday, June 03, 2012

Dear Bar-ba-la

Barbara, who is quite a character, referred to herself as Barbala the other day.
So cute. So funny. I think it's going to stick.

One of the first weekends we were in Utah, Dave's parents came and took the older kids for a few days. They got to swim and bowl and play with cousins and have a great time.
Barbara got to stay and entertain me.

We played at the huge tree in the University Mall.
She went down the slide about 50 million times. On her way back to the stairs she started flapping her wings and "tweeting". Later she was running and hissing and announcing that she was a snake. I don't even know where she gets these things.
Dear Andrew: Thanks for letting me use your old iphone. I got to take pictures of my Baby Girl being a zoo and share them with the world and keep in my ever fading memory.

We went out to eat.
The people at a nearby table were so entertained by her that they shared a balloon.
It made her day.
Dear Strangers: Thank you.

We did some shopping.
This is not Elton John. This is a hat from the unavoidable Mardi Gras section at the party store, and some princess glasses that she could not pass up. I'm not sure which is better, but it kept us entertained during the shopping, which was good for me. And then it went back on the shelf.
Dear Future Mardi Gras Hat Owner: Sorry if you thought you were buying a brand new Mardi Gras hat. It was actually "EUC".

I love my sweet, spunky, smart, funny, cute little girl who is growing up way too fast.