Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Owen's Nerf cake that I made. The marshmallow fondant was incredibly easy. I was just too lazy to order good dye, so he has a pastel Nerf cake. And he's okay with it. Dave's traditional pineapple upside down cake that he never remembers is the tradition until I make it. Evelynn's star cake to go with her American Girl theme. I know, it's an awesome cake. Don't be jealous. (Dave's Mom actually frosted it, because I couldn't do it without crumbs all over the place) And finally, the Boston cream cake that Dave made for me. When I remind him that this is the tradition, usually he buys one (can you tell he's not into traditions?), but I would feel pretty safe saying that they are impossible to find in Russia. So, he made it!
And of course, birthday cake has to have ice cream. Even Russian style Neopolitan. Grab yourself a slice.
Happy Birthday everyone!

A strawberry, a peacock, and Frankenstein (who left his hair/hat thing at school and was most often mistaken as Hulk). I was super sick, and couldn't even think about making costumes this year, so we bought some cute ones. Barb loved dressing up and trick-or-treating, and I loved her doing it!

The kids still had school, but Dave had the day off, so we still cooked, and then got together with some friends for dinner and some football.
Dave's parents sent us a package with all of the ingredients and instructions to make these cute little turkeys! We opened the package in the car, and the cookies almost didn't make it home.
Those little marshmallow ones are my favorite! and Oreos? Fuhgettabout it.

Now we are getting ready for Christmas!
And now we don't have to rationalize the Christmas music we've been listening to for over a month.

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