Sunday, November 06, 2011

Growing Up

In September, Evelynn turned 8!
She is growing up so fast.
She is so responsible and thoughtful, that I think she could move out tomorrow and be absolutely fine on her own.
Thankfully, that would be against the law.
I need something to keep her here for the next ten years!
After she turned 8, Evelynn was able to be baptized by Dave.
It was very exciting!

We drove about an hour to one of two church buildings in the area that have a baptismal font.

Dave's parents came all the way from Idaho for the occasion.
Good thing, because it would have been hard to have them give talks from Idaho.
It was hard to be far away from all of our family and friends for such a special thing (two of Evelynn's cousins, and several friends in Maryland are getting baptized this year! We miss you guys!), but thankfully we have a lot of good friends in our ward here who love Evelynn and all came to support her or dropped by little notes of love.
If you know Evelynn, you know what a sweetie she is.
And the truth is, baptism is special no matter where it happens or who is there.

Owen read this poem from the Friend in 1974:
"Me, my Lord, baptize Thee?
Why comest Thou to me?"
And John the Baptist bowed his head
In deep humility.
But Jesus said with a gentle smile,
"Let your heart be still.
Suffer it to be so now,
All righteousness fulfill."
So down the Jordan's shallow bank
Christ went with humble grace.
Into the stream John lowered Him
With wonder on his face.
When from the water Jesus came,
The heavens opened above.
God's holy Spirit came to earth,
A gift of His great love.
And now, my child, your turn has come,
You have been baptized too.
The Light of Christ is in your face
For all the world to view.

And after it was all said and done, this is what Evelynn said during the primary program at church about her choice to be baptized:

"When I got baptized, I was expecting to feel like a new person, but I didn't. I was still the same person, but inside I felt really great. I am happy I made the choice to be baptized, like Jesus."

I think that says it all.

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