Saturday, July 16, 2011

These Are a Few of Barb's Favorite Things

(pictures from February)
carrying bags around

seriously, she just picked this up one day and put it on her shoulder. she could barely walk.
most recently, she has been sneaking into my room to find some shiny gift bags I have, and carrying them all over the house.

talking on the phone.
this one especially cracks me up, because it's not like she sees us talking on the phone - there is no one to talk to! but she loves it.
she also loves skype, and for a while whenever dave or i would sit down at the computer, she would run over yelling "papa! papa!" looking for her grandparents.

fuzzy things around her neck. sometimes this scarf, but...

usually a pair of pajamas.
all the fuzzy pajamas are put away for summer. i wonder if she will do this again in the fall.

and climbing on the radiator.

all day

they never get too hot to the touch, and she figured out that if it was uncomfortably warm, she could lean over it, and still climb up.

(sorry about all the snow in the pictures. if i thought there were more than two readers, i might think twice and try to post this somewhere near winter time.)

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