Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Musee d'Orangerie

The first pictures I took in Paris were of Dave in the shower to show how small all the spaces in Paris are. They weren't graphic, but I still think he would not want it on the internet. And maybe you wouldn't want to see it, haha. Too much information already?
The second pictures I took were at the Musee d'Orangerie. If I could have photographed everything in between, I would have. If I could have brought you all to Paris with me, I would have. Well, maybe not with me, but at least to Paris at some point. Everyone should see Paris. It's beautiful.
(and I don't think that's the "coming from Moscow" perspective, although it is possible)
Anyway, up early, first stop:
Monet's Waterlilies.
They were impressive, simply by size.
There were two rooms, and if you start in the second room, everything is darker (by mood), and more gray, and then moving into the first room, things get lighter and brighter. The whole thing was fascinating.

In a nutshell:
Only visit the Musee d'Orangerie if you really want to see the Waterlilies. If you've got extra time in Paris, spend it at the Louvre and/or the Musee d'Orsay (you could spend weeks at the Louvre alone). You'll see what I thought were better paintings by many of the same artists (including Monet). Of course, if you are an art lover, then by all means, stop in (there are some great French paintings on the lower level), but if you are a tourist... go for a walk. Like I said, Paris is beautiful.

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