Friday, April 01, 2011


Owen has started doing Tae Kwon Do.
And he loves it.
And he is awesome.
He had to earn the privilege to wear the uniform. (is that normal for martial arts maybe?)
And he was pumped when he brought it home for the first time.

He is really competitive, but isn't the first to go after something (like a ball for instance), so we thought something more individual would be a good fit for him. It was either golf or Tae Kwon Do, and since there is snow on the ground seven (eight? nine?) months out of the year here, we went for Tae Kwon Do.
So far, it's been a good choice.
Evelynn keeps asking to do it too, but I think we'll let Owen own it for a while first.
And, by the way, I'm pretty sure he learned this pose from a cartoon, not from Tae Kwon Do, although it looks pretty impressive.

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