Thursday, March 17, 2011

Snow in Moscow

It really is so pretty here when it snows, and everything is covered in white. But they shovel it so fast, I can never get a picture of it! So this, through my window screen, is as close as it gets. :)

Also, I couldn't figure out why, even though it snows every day, it only looks like there is a couple feet of snow. It's too cold to melt, so that's not it. They don't shovel it away from the middle of the field, so that's not it. But then I went out to walk on it the other day (I can't believe I spent almost the entire winter here without having walked on the snow), and it was totally compact. Where I feel like my feet would sink straight to the grass in the Maryland snow, my feet don't sink more than an inch or two. So now I know. And now you know too. It must be the structure of the snowflakes or something technical like that.

And last... see that dog in the picture? There are a lot of dogs here. A lot of people have dogs. And lets just do that math really quick:
a lot of dogs + snow = a lot of yellow snow
(and occasionally some frozen poop)

I'll leave you with that.

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