Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Babs on the Beach

We went to the beach on all but one day of our trip, and the first thing Barbara wanted to do each time was hunt around for good eating sand.
She tried a lot of varieties. I think she preferred the chunkier rock/gravel version the best.

She also found several other treasures. A lot of shells, an old popsicle stick, and even a cigarette butt! (and she was very good about trying to smile for the camera even though her little eyes weren't used to the bright sun)

Eventually, she noticed the water, and decided to make an attempt to get there. After a little ways, the beach got a little steeper, and the best course of action appeared to be a backwards scoot.
"I learned this in the army."
After never finding solid ground (like on the stairs), she eventually abandoned her attempt, and came crawling back to us.

These guys were here, too. Playing in the water (the sun was really bright)...
and playing in the sand.

On the beach.

And after we got bored on the beach this day, we went to the pool. And my plan was that after we got bored at the pool, we would go to the kids center, and the kids could play in the water features there, but I neglected to inform my family of this plan, and they (read:Dave) thought it would be better to go inside and rest after the pool. I couldn't get enough of the sun! Because...

then we returned to this.

But let's not end on that.
We'll end back here.
On the beach.

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