Wednesday, January 04, 2012


It's been a while, so here's a double dose of snapshots:
She just keeps bringing me more, and asking me to put them in her hair.

I love getting this little girl into her snow clothes, and she loves playing in the snow. Win-win.

Owen "bubble wrapped" at a birthday party. This was after chasing two pirates around an indoor amusement park for an hour on a treasure hunt. Now do you see why we don't do birthday parties?
and p.s. what does it tell you about Moscow that I don't even blink an eye anymore when someone shows up dressed like that to entertain at a children's birthday party? Dave had to point it out to me when he saw the picture.

Outside a car dealership near Red Square.

Ev in uniform. When she's not in this, she's in t-shirts and jeans all the time.

Riding with Dad while she waited for Owen to be finished at his friend's birthday party.

Getting out the Christmas stuff.

Dave playing with the crazies. Barb especially love to play "up high".

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