Friday, January 07, 2011

Modern Pilgrims

I realize this is a bit unseasonal, but look at these kids.
This is what they did when I told them we were cooking Thanksgiving dinner.
The commissary at the Embassy, where we get American food that we can't live without sent out a call for orders on turkeys and hams before the holidays. I would guess that they have turkeys and pigs somewhere in Russia, and that it may be possible to get something similar to what we normally eat for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but hey, if the commissary was going to make it easy to get a Butterball turkey and a Smithfield ham, then I was all over it.
Then we made plans to go to Germany over Thanksgiving.
So, the turkey, it seemed would live (in the freezer) to see another day.
Then we found out Dave's family was getting together for Thanksgiving the week before actual Thanksgiving.
Sorry, turkey.
So, we scrambled around getting ingredients for a small Thanksgiving dinner, and celebrated with Dave's family. Well, technically about 10 hours before they did.
And before our kids went to bed, we were able to talk to them and see them on skype as they were getting up.
And... will someone please call Project Runway? I think we've got a style star on our hands over here...
Don't let the tie and the belt fool you. Those pants are actually gray, lined, cargo/warmup pants.

Thanksgiving dinner sources:
turkey, canned yams, and canned pumpkin from the commissary
everything else locally, including ingredients for mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and slush (bananas, pineapple juice, orange juice, lemonade, and sprite) - we had to get a little creative with this one though
i looked high and low for fresh green beans to no avail. i ended up getting ingredients for salad, which i forgot to make. fresh rosemary was a lucky find at the produce market down the street.
i think you can buy frozen pie crust at the commissary, but i forgot to check, so i bought some dough for pie crust from the cafeteria at the kids school. it turned out well. i've never made a pie crust, and i wasn't going to start this year.
Any questions?

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