Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

The past couple of years, we have bought kits for various gingerbread houses or trains at Target or Costco or something. Without Target or Costco, this year I thought we would just have to go old school and use graham crackers. I have some graham crackers that I bought from someone who was moving back to the States (can't get those here). I was kind of looking forward to the creativity that it would spark in my children.
Then someone told me that Ikea had kits. And I got some. I couldn't help it. It looked so easy. And it was like home too. Kind of like McDonald's. Whenever I see one, I have this overwhelming urge that I have to eat there, because it's so familiar.
But anyway candy wasn't included. So, I got some gummy things from Ikea and went to the little convenience store here in my neighborhood (that seems to have a pretty good stock of cheap candy due to the abundance of children with money in their pockets), and found some m&m's, tic tacs, and a few other random gummy things.
They also sell a pretty good selection of holiday candy (reese's!!!) at the commissary, and I had Dave grab a bunch as soon as they put it out, but we didn't use that on our gingerbread houses. Only the mini candy canes. We ate the good stuff.

And even Barb participated.
(sorry, no pictures of the finished product. oops)

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