Tuesday, January 04, 2011

From Sun-Up to Sun-Down or Happy Winter Solstice!

So, when we moved here, I was mostly afraid of the cold. I figured anything else I could handle, but the cold, that might get me.
Well, the cold has been manageable.
It's the dark I underestimated.
I took these pictures in the middle of November, and I had planned on taking more in December, but holiday plans kept me from it. Now, just remember this was over a month before December 21st, the shortest day/longest night of the year.




By the middle of December, it was dark until after 9am, and the sun set before 4pm. And I would say on average, we probably only see the sun about once in 10 days.
I got myself a little happy lamp, that seemed to make a little bit of a difference (even if it was just a placebo effect) in having more energy, and I looked forward to December 21st, like it was Christmas. I almost had a party.
And now, the darkest days are over. It gets light a little longer every day, and in fact, the sun has been shining all {seven hours of the} day the last couple of days.
And, of course now the temperatures are really dropping. The highs are down below 20.
Still manageable though.
And don't think I'm not looking forward to white nights in the summer. I'm dreaming of it.

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