Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here, Can You Pat My Back

We don't really do Valentine's Day. Fortunately for Dave, I'm not into waiting four hours to get into a restaurant or paying double for flowers. And I pretty much eat chocolate every day, so what's the point of more? We both believe (queue violins) that every day should be Valentine's Day. Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean.
The only thing is... now we have kids. Older kids that are starting to hear more about Valentine's Day and get what it's all about. And while I feel that there is enough romance in my relationship, I don't know that my kids see or know that. And I think they should.
So, I decided to surprise Dave with a little date and let the kids in on it (they have proven worthy to keep surprises on the down-low in the past).
It was a lot of fun for me and the kids, and I think Dave enjoyed it to.
We got a babysitter for the older two, took the baby to the kid zone at the gym, so we could have a little baby free time, and went upstairs to play video games (the gym has a game room with exercise oriented/interactive video games). Then we grabbed some burgers and perused the bookstore. So romantic, I know. Hey, we have to be us.
Oh yeah, and I got this:
The whole date was pretty much planned around this shirt. I love it!

Now, somebody give Dave a hint. It's my turn for a surprise.
(but make sure I get enough notice to clean the house, take care of the baby, shower, and get ready. :) I wonder why he doesn't try to surprise me. :)


Hizzeather said... that shirt! Yay for surprises!

Heatherlyn said...

I think surprises are a lot of fun! And your kids are amazing if they can keep a secret because my kids would have a really hard time with that! Letting them in on the fun teaches them how to be good spouses when they grow up someday, plus it is all fun!!!!!