Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Saint

"Zee Amadicains ah heeyuh! Zee Amadicains ah heeyuh!"
Sound it out.
Have you seen that movie? The Saint?
Anyway, this isn't about that movie.
This is about my Mom.
Who could also be considered a Saint.
Aside from all of the other sacrifices she has made for me in her life, she has also been able to come and help my family after I've had each of my three kids.
This time, thanks to a buddy pass from her sister, she was able to come all the way across the country a few days after Barbara and I came home from the hospital.
And she may not ever come back. We kept her pretty busy. :)
Aside from cooking and cleaning, while she was here, she gave Barbara her baths (it's a tradition around here), held, rocked, changed, dressed, and burped her, took Evie out to the bus every morning (in below freezing temperatures - I've asked her to come back next January), took Evie to dance class and Owen to gym class, we chopped off Evie's hair, went out to breakfast, and when I was feeling well rested (thanks to her), we went to a service festival. We were also able to make the trek down to DC for a quick mosey around the National Cathedral where she helped chase the kids and hold the baby.
Then, before she left, we blessed Barbara in the beautiful dress that she made when Evelynn was a baby.
I'm sure I'm leaving things out, but you get the idea. She made the transition from one to three kids almost seamless. And she was great company too! Thanks Mom!


adventure knitter said...

wait...your mom MADE the blessing dress?? what a talented mom!

Heatherlyn said...

What a sweet post! I agree that you have a wonderful mother!!!

Deborah said...

well, your mom did a fantastic job cutting Evie's hair. Usually when little girls get a short air cut, it looks...well not so good. But Evie looks so incredibly CUTE!!! The blessing dress is beautiful too.

K Rowe said...

Loved being with your little family and can't wait to come back :) I miss you guys.