Thursday, February 04, 2010

Friends Who Knit

Or at least one friend who knits...
I think will never learn to knit, because I have a friend who knits.
I get to benefit from her obsession with lovelies like this...

First there were these:
Check out the cute flowers! And the twisted cabling (look, I don't knit. I don't know what to call it). And the perfect gray for Owen.
And then there was this:
I think I'm in love. This is Barbara size (well, it will be in about eight months). Look at that yarn! And the adorable pocket. There are actually two. Perfect for hiding little toys and treasures in! And cute twisty cables down the sleeve (how DOES she do it?!). And coconut buttons (because Barb was "made in Hawaii", haha, get it? sorry is that inappropriate?)!
And that's not all! Then there were these!:
LOVE these! I don't know if you can see it, but there is a leaf on the green one. I think I want one my size (the hat, not the leaf). And the heart? Darling.
So, now my question is...
What can I do for a hobby?
So that I can gift my friend with some lovelies of her own?
Or just share when I'm feeling generous?
I used to do a lot of baking, but that turned into a lot of eating, so we're going to avoid that one for a while.
Any ideas?


adventure knitter said...

so am i supposed to knit you a big "leaf hat"? is that a request??

Heatherlyn said...

So cute!

Hmmmm ... you could ... I dunno. I don't have any hobbies since I have kids either! I'd just take her out to lunch!

K Rowe said...

Jam...make homemade jam :) That's what I used to do.

Emily said...

Um, have you seen the pictures you take? Amazing. If photography isn't a hobby of yours, it should be!