Monday, January 11, 2010

So This Is Christmas

Some traditions we managed to pull off this December:
Decorating the Christmas tree, complete with pickle ornament.
Getting a new nativity set (our third in seven years, can that be considered a tradition?).
Eating all the things we baked.
Gingerbread houses.
Going to the Nutcracker Ballet.
Going to see the lights at the temple and getting hot chocolate.
A gift exchange within our immediate family (we love this tradition!)
Looking for Christmas lights on Christmas Eve (which are getting harder and harder to find!) and then coming home to pajamas wrapped under the tree.
Reading from the scriptures and acting out the nativity.
Opening presents!!! One we need, one we want, and one thing we can do together as a family (and p.s. we've also been adding a book the last couple of years). I love this tradition!!!

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Heatherlyn said...

You have some wonderful traditions! I love the picture of your family in front of the temple. And also of your kids enacting the nativity! I loved doing that as a child and we've never done it with our kids yet! You had a wonderful Christmas!!! And, sadly, we noticed that there are fewer and fewer lights to look at too. :(