Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daddy's Girl

I can't decide if I should write something in this post or just post the pictures.

I was thinking of writing about how blessed I am to have Dave in my life and what a great husband a father he is.

About how fast the kids go running to the door when he gets home from work and how Evie cries in the morning if she doesn't get to say good-bye to him before work.

How our kids definitely have a favorite parent.
And it isn't me.

How he pays attention to them, teaches them, spends time with them.

How even little Barbara loves to hear his voice and hang out with him (silly girl, even came early and gave him the tax break he was hoping for).

How attentive he is to my needs.

How we can just "talk or not talk for hours" (name that movie).

How he is my best friend.

How he is obsessed with basketball and board games, but I love him anyway.

And other things like that.

But I think I'll just post the pictures.

1 comment:

Heatherlyn said...

This is a great post! I think my kids favor their daddy too, (of course, that might be the example I'm setting :) ) You are very blessed to have so much love in your life! And you deserve it too!