Friday, August 07, 2009

What To Do

What to do on your third day in Hawaii.
If you were looking for options, that is...
You could start the day with a trip up Pali Highway to the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout.
My pictures from two years ago were much better than these. The weather was better, plus I had my circular polarizer filter on, and blah blah blah.
It's a pretty, very windy, awesome view.
Then, you could continue your drive up past the Ko'olau mountain range (you know, the ones from Jurassic Park, I didn't even try to take pictures - they would never do it justice), past the clear blue reef-filled waters of the eastern coast of Oahu (they were actually pretty brown today) to the little town of Laie.
Here you'll find the Polynesian Cultural Center, an amazing cultural experience.
We didn't go there today.
(But I have been three times before, and I highly recommend it.)
You'll also find the LDS Temple.
We did go there today.
We never get tired of the temple, the sister missionaries who give us flowers to put behind our ears, the "giant Earth" that spins around, and the many other exciting attractions at the visitor's center. Plus, it's free.
Then (by now you should be getting hungry!), if you want to eat something delicious for lunch, Giovanni's shrimp truck is just a short drive north of Laie, in Kahuku. There are several shrimp trucks, but since Gionvanni's is the O.G. (and the first shrimp truck I ate at nine years ago!), it's my choice. This is a "half plate" of shrimp scampi and a "half plate" of lemon/butter. Delicious! (Giovanni's also has a truck in Haliewa, but if you're in that area, you may want to try Macky's - it's on the very southern edge of Haliewa).
There you go.
Something to get you started on your third day in Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving all these posts! I'd be happy doing ANYTHING if I was just in Hawaii right now!

(and why the SAC isn't this letting me post a comment like I normally do?? blogger...dumb...)


The Bradley's said...

All of your posts make me oh-so-jealous. And that shrimp and rice is making me oh-so-hungry. Yum! I don't know if we'll ever make it to Hawaii but if we do I'll be consulting you a LOT before we go. :) (Or just reviewing these great posts...)

Heatherlyn said...

Oh, I would so love to spend a week in Hawaii. I think it would be amazing. I don't know how many times I've said what a wonderful experience and opportunity this has been for your family but it is totally amazing. Hmmm ... I wonder what the chances are for my husband ever having to go to Hawaii for work?