Monday, August 03, 2009

Hurdy Gurdy

I know I'm going crazy with posting, and I wasn't actually planning on posting this yet, but I accidentally clicked "publish post" instead of "save as draft", so now I don't have much of a choice.
Do you know what a hurdy gurdy is?
Have you heard of a hurdy gurdy?
Isn't this cute?
My Mom picked it up in the gift shop when we went to visit the Iolani Palace.
Isn't it even cuter now?
She got it, because she was leaving the next day.
I used to think of "Aloha Oe" as a sort of tropical paradise hula song, but in church here, the congregation stands and sings it to people when they are moving or leaving. The words are really beautiful, and the gesture means so much to me, that the song means a lot more to me now, too.
So, what is this cute little hurdy gurdy?
I know I've heard the words hurdy gurdy in my life, but I had no idea what it was.
When my Mom opened the box and showed this to me, it made sense. Sure. This is a hurdy gurdy.
And it sounds different when you play it on different surfaces. I like our wood dining table the best.
I looked up hurdy gurdy on wikipedia, and apparently this isn't a traditional hurdy gurdy. But it plays "Aloha Oe", and it's cute, and really... does it matter?


Heatherlyn said...

What a neat little gift! How touching that it plays the goodbye song! I think it's great! I bet your kids love it too!

Cal said...

When I saw the monkey on the box, I knew EXACTLY what it was.