Sunday, June 21, 2009

Have Bun In Oven

So. Here's a little recap of our last couple of months.

First, our computer went on the fritz.
Can you see those big vertical blue and white lines on the screen. We have about twenty more now, of varying sizes all across the screen. It makes photo viewing and editing a little difficult. As well as pretty much any other computer related activity. So, we got one of these hot new netbook things to hold us over until we can get home. But before we could actually acquire the computer and get picasa onto it...

I went on the fritz.
I got this crazy little bun in the oven, and I've been sooo sick. Not as sick as some people get when they're expecting (in fact, my doctor wasn't worried at all, and I had to convince her to give me some medication), but much more sick than I have been in my preceding pregnancies. Those nifty little ginger chews pictured above worked great for a little while, but since I can't eat anything more than once or twice, I can't even think about them now without, ehem, excuse me, I'll be right back...
Just kidding. Sorry, that was gross. But I really can't eat those ginger things anymore.
So, I pretty much sit on the couch all day and somehow survive. Thankfully, we've had some very understanding company, who not only don't mind that I am a terrible hostess/mother/housekeeper/tour guide (they booked their tickets before I got sick), but they even pick up the slack for me, cooking and cleaning when necessary (and since my mom has been in town, that has been pretty much 24/7. thanks mom!).

And fortunately, my kids are pretty creative.

And we find ways to keep busy.

***And because I am so glad that I still have readers (yay!), now I will thank you for not calling me at 3:30am and answer a couple questions about the little sweet roll baking in the Schorr Bakery.

We did tell the kids, and they are so excited! Evelynn wants to know what day my tummy will get big, and when I walked into the room the other day, Owen said, "Mom, I can't wait til the new kid gets here!"

The estimated date of arrival, according to science, is January 5th. Dave's hoping for December 31st. If I could choose, I would rather wait until January 8th, to keep up our tradition (my birthday is the 3rd, Dave's is the 5th, 3 plus 5 is 8, and Evie and Owen were both born on the 8th. confused yet?). Evelynn and Owen were both early.

So, that makes me almost 12 weeks along (and crossing my fingers to feel better next week at the end of the first trimester). I generally prefer to wait as long as possible to spread the news, simply because it makes the nine months feel a little shorter when the general public only knows about it for about five months, but I've been so sick, and the secret has been slowly leaking, so we thought it was time. That will put me around 20-22 weeks when we make our way back to Maryland (I haven't decided when to come home yet. and on that note, does anyone know of any rentals available sometime in august?).

We are really excited, and feeling surprisingly patient. While we've mentioned a few names, we've opted to wait to see the gender before getting serious on that topic. We have talked about the possibility of using a Hawaiian name, but I'm not sure we'll find one that we like that hasn't already been used by some of our close friends. Dave kind of wants to stick with the vowels (which leaves Deborah out, sorry Deb), but I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.

And, nobody asked this one, but I think we will find out the gender asap. I always thought I would be willing to wait, since I already have a boy and a girl, but I am a planner, and I prefer as much time as possible to plan. I just can't say no. Of course, I could always be surprised anyway.

So that's it. Mystery revealed. Have bun in oven.


Katy said...

Congratulations and hope you start feeling better soon.

Cal said...

We find out what we're having in a week and a half! My due date is Dec. 1st which is surprisingly close to your bday so... get ready for some competition!

Anonymous said...

I wish you were closer so I could have taken your kids and let you rest!

As far as rentals go, the Candlands had asked when you're coming back because apparently the McLaughlin's house is still looking to be rented. Jenny would be the one with details if you're interested.

Emily said...


Hope you start feeling better soon.

Twinkies said...

YAY Congrats!!. I totally feel your pain/sickness. I'm on my fifth medicine. I thought it was suppose to get easier with each kid not worse. Hopefully yours will ease up soon. We're so excited for you guys. Can't wait to see you when you get back. We'll compare bellies. =]

adventure knitter said...

Thank goodness you're going to find out the gender and not wait! I have all sorts of knitting projects running through my mind for the little one...and you would make me wait!! Good thing you're a planner too!! We can't wait "for the kid to arrive" either (are you SURE he understands that it's a baby that comes out??? not a best friend kid for him to play with??) Can't wait for you guys to come home to this horribly humid/wet weather!

Stacey Mom said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick. Thats so strange that you've never had it this bad with the other two. Hopefully you are done with the sickness! If I hear anything about houses for renting I'll let you know.

becca g said...

Hooray!! Though sorry you're feeling sick ugh! I am way excited for you guys! Love the bun in the oven blog too funny!

Aaron and Melissa said...

Even though I heard during our visit to Maryland (WE MISSED YOU GUYS!!!), I wanted to check back on your blog and read your news for myself! I am SO excited for you guys. I sure hope you are feeling better...that can get old really quick with taking care of kids, a house, etc! Congrats and keep us posted on your little one.

The Seaman Family said...

Congrats Sjauna!! I have seen a few homes for of them is down the street from me. I'll look into it if you'd like me to. I don't remember any details about it, except that it's on the way to the store.