Monday, April 20, 2009



Did you know that the "sell by" date on USDA eggs can be no more than 45 days after the date it was packed?
AND that as long as you purchase the eggs before the "sell by" date and put them straight in the fridge, they are good for three to five weeks?

And when hens lay the eggs, they put a little protective coating on them. At the packing plant, they are washed with a special detergent that doesn't effect the coating. Boiling the eggs removes the coating, so boiled eggs will not last as long as fresh eggs.

And coloring eggs the good old fashioned way is so fun (and a lesson on mixing colors!).
(I did take some pictures of my kids, but they were ALL fuzzy. Will someone volunteer to give me a good lesson on low light photography? Because two years after I bought my camera, I still haven't figured it out.)



adventure knitter said...

wow, what an informative post! welcome back to the blogging world!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Welcome back!

My only tip for low light is get the 50mm 1.8 lens and open up wide. Or crank up your ISO (higher #), which I'm sure you already knew.

Cal said...

Eggcelent. I have one word for you, tripod.