Monday, March 16, 2009

The Big Ball

I repeat: Are you ready for this?
Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.
Epcot is separated into two parts - Future World and World Showcase.
We spent the morning of our first full day going on rides, watching shows, and exploring in Future World.
Dave's favorite: Soarin'
My favorite: Soarin' (or maybe Turtle Talk with Crush)
Evie's favorite: Soarin'
Owen's favorite: Test Track

The afternoon, we spent wandering around and eating our way through the World Showcase:
Owen coloring the mask they gave him at our first Kidcot Funstop in Canada. He eventually got bored with it, but Evie stopped dutifully at the spot in each country.

United Kingdom


Evie's mask almost half way around the world in Morocco.

The girl in the kimono shop in Japan gave Evie a little origami bird and showed her how to flap it's wings.



The back of Evie's mask after our last stop in Mexico. She had her name written in Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. She also had people from each of the different countries write a little note, and the word "princess" in their respective languages in her autograph book. It was a lot of fun.

Dave's favorite: the bratwurst in Germany (he said he enjoyed the whole thing, but I made him pick a favorite)
My favorite: lunch in France (mmmhhhh that pain au chocolate!!), and Morocco was really cool too. It felt the most authentic (it's the only country in Epcot that is actually managed by it's own country - all the others employ foreigners but are run by Disney)
Evie's favorite: the origami that the girl in Japan gave her (she even drew a picture of Evie in her book!)
Owen's favorite: he used some of the money he earned for the trip to buy a little toy in Japan. He loved it. And then he accidentally threw it in the bushes and it was lost. He's tough though. He got over it.

And then we moved on.

For brevity, I'm going to try to keep explanations on these Disney posts to a minimum (key word: try). There is plenty of Disney vacation info to be found, so my details aren't necessities, right? IF you have any questions about any of the pictures or about our trip in general, however, I would be more than happy to go into detail. Consider yourself warned.

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