Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Animalius Kingdomaureus

or the Zoo, Disney Style.
We were really impressed with the Animal Kingdom environment. There were gorgeous trees and plants everywhere, a beautiful river, and cool animals around every - well, several corners. It all felt very natural, and I didn't realize how impressive it was until we were driving home through Florida, and the landscape didn't really match what we had seen. Especially not in Africa, where we started out on a trail and found:
What is that? Not the humongous bra on the tree, but the other thing? That black thing in the bushes?
Oh, just a giant silverback gorilla. No big deal.
I wish there could have been a human next to him for size reference. Let's put it this way, if I were standing next to him in this picture, we would probably be the same height. And maybe have the same size booty. Although, I like to think my legs are a little longer.

Oh look, more monkeys.

We also went on a two week safari in Africa. It was cut short when we had to go chase down some poachers and save a baby elephant.

After a little African drumming, we moseyed on over to Asia:
We saw these huge bats. Bats are creepy man.

And we found some old ruins.

We had fun exploring.

Until we saw this tiger by the wall. Good thing she was sleeping. We were able to tip toe to safety in prehistoric times:
where we played in a boneyard.

and Owen beat out five other kids in a carnival game to win his own little dinosaur.

We were also able to catch Winnie the Pooh and a couple of his friends before they took off for their own safari.
We finished off the day with a couple of shows and then headed over to Downtown Disney for some Godiva ice cream and some shopping (Once Upon a Toy has a huge collection of Potato Head accessories - think storm trooper, disney princess, or mouse ears, as well as classics - and you can fill a little box as tight as can be, all for one price! Fun, no?)
Dave: Kilimanjaro Safari
Me: same, but I also thought the Boneyard was really cool.
Evelynn: hurrying up to save the baby elephant on our safari
Owen: he's asleep, so I can't ask him, but he loved the Dinosaur ride (which was scary for me, and terrified Evelynn). That's Owen for you.
And that's our day at Animal Kingdom.


adventure knitter said...

we liked animal kingdom so much that we went twice! i loved the lion king show! i love the pics you got of your kids!

Hizzeather said...

Man, now I REALLY want to go there! Looks way fun.

Heatherlyn said...

Bats ARE creepy. That gorilla must have been MASSIVE. Seriously, I hope to NEVER run into one of those things outside of a zoo! Your kids look like they were having so much fun!